Best Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Having brown eyes is great but finding eye makeup for brown eyes is not an easy process. You know, there are several options available when it comes to eye makeup for brown eyes. At the same time, most of those options are best too.

Thus, selecting best eye makeup for brown eyes is a daunting task only. If you’re struggling to choose makeup for your brown eyes, then at last you reached the right place. In this part, I’m going to share you few tips for light brown eyes, medium brown eyes and dark brown eyes.

Young Woman
Brown eye

Light brown eyes:

If you have light brown eyes, then it is better to use purples and lilacs. So, mix rich purples with lilacs, which results in a depth of the eye makeup. At the same time, you may also make use violet shades, because this method also gives an excellent look for your brown eyes. Many people tried this trick and got sparkle eyes.

Medium brown eyes:

If you have medium brown eyes, then you need to look something different to get complementary shades. In this case, you can try the turquoise and gold shades for eye makeup, because it gives gold flecks for brown eyes. From this way, you will get a wide range of complementary shades.

Dark brown eyes:

If you have dark brown eyes, then look for a collection of colorful eye shadow to give depth for your brown eyes. Meanwhile, when you like darker eye look, try a green colored shade with golden undertones. From the collection of eyeshadow colors, you can get brighten eyes.

Therefore, based on the level of brown eyes, choose tricks to put the best eye makeup for brown eyes. Finally, color theory plays a vital role in eye makeup to get gorgeous makeup.